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The Center for Community Health and Health Equity (CCHHE) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital serves as the coordinating department for community health programs and acts as the bridge between community-based organizations and the hospital.

Stronger Generations, one of the center’s major initiatives, seeks to promote maternal and child health equity, by providing pregnant and parenting individuals with quality health care and community resources to strengthen their own health, support parenting, and give babies the healthiest start possible

A signature piece of Stronger Generations is our Proud 2 Parent programs, focused on educating, engaging, and empowering expectant and parenting adolescents to enhance their physical, mental and social health outcomes. Our goal is to achieve these outcomes through a focus on peer support and education, patient engagement, and leadership development.

What is the Young Parent Mentoring Program?

The Young Parent Mentoring Program provides young parents with supportive and healthy peer relationships through one-on-on mentoring with young parent leaders in the Greater Boston area. The benefits of the program include free educational and training opportunities, participation in our community-based network of young parent support activities, and tailored 1:1 peer support.

Interested in being matched with a Young Parent Mentor?

Are you a pregnant or parenting young adult under age 25? Do you feel alone in your experience? Do you feel like you could use some help and guidance during pregnancy or while parenting? If so, join the Young Parent Mentoring Program and get paired with a trained mentor who can share similar experiences because they too are a young parent.

Those interested in participating in the Young Parent Mentoring program will be required to identify skills, knowledge, or goals that they would like to achieve with their mentor, and to commit to a regularly scheduled meeting time for structured mentee/mentor activities.

If you are interested in joining the Young Parent Mentoring Program and being matched with a mentor, please complete the application below.

Mentees/Mentors are accepted on a rolling basis.

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