Exception to Five Year Limit -

Introduction to the form:

Since the adoption of the MGH Guidelines for Research Fellows in 2007, the research fellow appointment is limited to a maximum of five years. In some cases, it is beneficial for the research fellow to remain in this training position for an additional year (see Guidelines for Research Fellows for details).

All requests for an extension to the five year term limit are required to submit an Appointment Extension Request, along with the materials and information listed below.

For any questions about the Appointment Extension Request form, please contact the Center for Faculty Development's Postdoctoral Division: pdd@partners.org.

Instruction to submit a complete Appointment Extension Request:

  • Complete all fields, and obtain all attestations (research fellow, PI and service chief).
  • Attach research fellow's current CV.
  • Attach most recent Annual Career Planning Form (must be completed within the last year)
  • Attach Salary Exception Form, if relevant (note: Salary Exception must be approved with HR to reflect the extended appointment end date requested in this form).
  • If this is a 2nd extension or higher, the research fellow is strongly encouraged to schedule a career advice meeting with PDD staff

IMPORTANT information about the Save and Return Later Button: Use this button if you need to save your work return later to finish the request. If you use this button, you will be given a code. MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS CODE DOWN. You will need this code to log back into your application.

If you need your code to log back into an extension request, please email pdd@partners.org.

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