We are conducting a study to learn about the effect of weight-loss surgery on bone outcomes in teenagers and young adults.

We are currently enrolling girls and boys ages 13-25 who are overweight and being considered for weight-loss surgery. We are also enrolling overweight girls and boys ages 13-25 who are not scheduled or planned for surgery.

The study includes a screening visit to confirm eligibility and then 5 outpatient visits over the course of 24 months. During the study, the investigators will measure the amount of muscle, bone, and body fat that you have with a DXA scan, a CT scan, and an MRI scan. They will draw blood to check for hormones that can affect bone and to assess your risk for diabetes. You will meet with nutritionists who will measure your weight and the area around your hips and waist, and assess your activity level using a questionnaire. Remuneration of up to $2100 for study participation.

Please complete the survey below. If you are eligible to participate in the study we will contact you shortly.

Thank you!

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