We are the Medical Chronobiology Program team at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. We are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in a new research study.

This new research study aims to find out how a person's genes and their behaviors influence the effect of night work on physiological (how the body works) changes that may link to the higher risks for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases in night-shift workers. We also want to find out if certain dietary patterns can help prevent or lessen the negative health effects of night work. More information about the research is shown below. 

For inquiries, please contact us by phone 617-525-0522 (Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM) or email  mcp_mitigation@BWH.HARVARD.EDU  and one of our study team members will get back to you. 

Study Information:

  • Health screening is conducted at no cost
  • 3 screening visits
  • Two 5-day in-laboratory stays at BWH
  • Total duration of study up to 16 weeks
  • Frequent blood sampling
  • Urine, saliva, stool collections, rectal swabs
  • Be paid up to $3,540 for your participation

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 18-45 years of age
  • White, Black and African American, or Hispanic ancestry
  • Body Mass Index 20.0 - 29.9 kg/m2
  • Healthy with no acute or chronic medical and psychiatric disorders
  • Non-smokers, no current tobacco or e-cigarette use
  • No drug or alcohol dependency
  • Not pregnant

Thank you for your interest in our research study.

We will record your answers in writing, but only collect detailed contact information if you qualify for the study and want to schedule your screening visits.

The risk of allowing us to record your name with your answers is a loss of confidentiality. We will take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of your information.

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