The nature of clinical research dictates that it is a highly variable environment, and no one system can meet the needs of all clinical trials in a singular manner.

In response to a high number of requests by study teams to review the Epic research functionalities, particularly as they relate to the requesters’ specific clinical research, we are providing quarterly, 90-minute personalized Epic Research Functionality reviews led by Margaret Lyons from Research Billing Compliance.

The goals of these sessions are to:

  • Provide a broad-strokes review of the Epic research functionalities

  • Review both Insight and Epic requirements for ensuring that a study is in Epic, and that all appropriate staff will have access to it

  • Discuss privacy, safety, and compliance risks associated with incomplete/inconsistent use of the Epic research functionalities

  • Provide study teams with the opportunity to discuss their specific research and identify workflows that will best accommodate their needs, as well as their subjects’

  • Answer any study team questions about Epic for research

Target Audience/Sign-Up Eligibility: These reviews are open to any staff members who have completed their Epic research (RES) trainings, whether in person or via HealthStream, regardless of their role.

Registration does NOT guarantee enrollment: Space is limited to 12 participants per session to allow time for discussion of each individual trial's requirements and workflows. You will be notified of your registration status ~1 week prior to the course; if the session is oversubscribed, a wait list will form.

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