**This session will be held virtually on Zoom. The link will be sent to those who register with a BWH-affiliated email address 1-2 days prior to the session**

Join the BWH Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) and Charles River Laboratories (CRL) to learn more about housing your rodent colonies offsite at CRL.

Charles River provides full-service rat and mouse colony management programs to deliver animals to you when you need them, in the exact quantities you specify, and with the health status that you require—all done locally at our Wilmington MA facility.

When looking at the total cost of transgenic mouse and rat breeding and housing, it is important to look at a fair comparison, since some institutions have extra costs which are not included in per diem pricing. Our mouse colony management program offers service packages that include rat or mouse husbandry work, technician tasks, veterinary consultancy, and health monitoring.

Charles River’s Internet Colony Management (ICM™) platform provides 24-hour access to set tasks within your colonies as well as the ability to review current and historical data.Our rat and mouse colony management services act as an extension of your current facility. With ICM™, our efficient logistics network, and worldwide delivery, your genetically engineered colonies are just a mouse click away.

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2022

Time: 1:30PM - 2:30PM

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