Before implementing any plans to ramp up research activity, PIs must submit an application via REDCap on behalf of their lab/research group (below). All staff (including PIs, employees, and POIs) who intend to return to onsite research must be included in the application and must be approved prior to returning to campus.

Prior authorization during Phase 0 (the Level 4 Research Shutdown) will no longer be valid during Phase 1. All personnel who will be in research space during Phase 1 or after must be reviewed and approved using this new application process. Please refer to the Brigham Health Guidance and Policies for Return to Onsite Research for definitions of Phases 1-3.

As part of this application, PIs will need to complete and upload below a detailed Return to Work Plan (click for template; also included in Appendix 5 of Brigham Health Guidance and Policies for Return to Onsite Research) which outlines how the lab will enable physical distancing for all personnel returning to onsite research.

Applications will be reviewed by both departmental and central research leadership. After the review process is complete, the PI and designated secondary contact (as listed on the application) will receive the application determinations – approved or declined – via an email from “BWH Research” with the subject line “Phased Research Ramp Up Application – SVP Determination.”

Please Note: The online REDCap application will NOT allow you to save and return later. An outline of all the required information was provided in Appendix 4 of the Brigham Health Guidance and Policies for Return to Onsite Research so that you can prepare to complete your application in one sitting. Please have this information ready before attempting to complete the REDCap form below.

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