Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Young Adult Caregiver Peer Program!

This program is open to partners/spouses that are caregivers or support persons of young adult patients (~ages 18-50) receiving care at DFCI.

There will be six 75-minute Zoom sessions held every other week. Each session will be focused on a certain topic (examples listed below) with additional time to share experiences with your peers. The same cohort will meet for each session, which we hope will foster connection. Participants must be willing to commit to all 6 sessions. A brief introductory Zoom meeting with a clinician who runs the program before the start of the group is required.  If we have enough interest, this program will begin in summer 2023. 

  • Changes in Roles and Relationships
  • Living With Uncertainty
  • Caring for Yourself
  • Communication (e.g. setting boundaries, asking for help)
  • Building Your Support System
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Conquering Caregiver Fears/Worries

To register for the group, please complete the interest form below. 

Space is first-come, first served. 

For questions, please contact the Young Adult Program at

Thank you!

The Young Adult Program (YAP) and Young Onset Colorectal Cancer Center (YOCCC)

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