Have you recovered from COVID-19? We Need Your Help.

COVID-19 infection imposes significant societal and health burdens. Discovering therapeutic/diagnosis antibodies and developing an effective vaccine would have broad implications for global public health. Your convalescent plasma, which contains antibodies against the virus, could also save a life.

Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have launched an initiative to help determine how a person’s immune response to COVID-19 is affected by their age, medical history and genetics. They are also interested in determining if you are an elite responder who produces exceptionally high levels of protective antibodies against COVID-19.

Am I eligible?

We are enrolling 300 evaluable volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 and are willing to donate blood samples. The volunteers will be broadly assigned into one of the following three groups. Those with multiple COVID-19 infections are of particular interest in this study and encouraged to consider participating.

Group 1 – Cancer patients, both pediatric and adult, that are at any stage of their cancer illness. Most importantly if you have undergone recent chemo, radiation, or immunotherapy.

Group 2 – Adults who were infected between August 1, 2021 – December 20, 2021.

Group 3 – Adults who were infected after December 21, 2021.

What do I need to do?

Joining the COVID-19 Protective Immunity Study is simple. Enter your contact information below and click the “submit” button to let us know you are interested. The research nurse will contact you for consent and eligibility screening.

Remote Consent and On Study Review

  • During the phone call, the research nurse will review the consent form with you
  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • The research nurse will send a copy of the consent form via email, fax or USPS mail.
    • If sent via email, the participant should print and sign/date the consent form and
      scan/email the consent form back to the research nurse email address
    • If sent via fax, the participant should sign/date the consent form and fax the
      consent form back to the research nurse’s provided fax number
    • If sent via USPS mail, the participant will sign/date the consent form on the day
      they receive the consent form and bring it with them at the time of their
      appointment if they are eligible
  • Once you have provided consent, the research nurse will work with you by phone to
    complete an online eligibility survey hosted on a HIPPA-compliant server to determine if
    you meet the requirements to participate in this study. This information will be related to your COVID-19 experience and will include
    information related to your health history.
    • If you do not meet the requirements to join the study, the research nurse will
      thank you for your time and you will no longer be contacted by the study team.
    • If you do meet the requirements to join the study, the research nurse will set up
      an appointment for a follow-up questionnaire completion and a visit to the
      Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) for a blood draw.
  • Your projected time at DFCI will be approximately 30-60 minutes per draw (3 draws total).
  • You will also be asked to provide one (1) collection of 4 tablespoons of blood and two (2) collections of 2 tablespoons of blood via blood draw over the span of 1 year.

*These steps apply to all adult participants. Pediatric participants will be consented/assented in person. Weight-based blood draws will apply to children.

Is there any compensation for participating?

Onsite parking during the visit and one compensation payment will be arranged for you upon completion
of your first blood draw.

Where can I find more information?

Answer the three questions and click the "submit" button. A research nurse will contact you with more information.

Who is leading this study?

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Wayne A. Marasco, MD, Ph.D.,
Professor, Department of Cancer Immunology and Virology

Allison O'Neill, MD (Co-PI)
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatric Oncology

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