The MGH Global Health Education and Clinical Innovation Collaborative (MGHGlobalEd) is led by Dr. Esther Freeman. The MGHGlobalEd Collaborative is a diverse network of educators across departments, centers, and institutes at Mass General who are involved in global education, healthcare delivery, clinical mentorship, and innovation. 

The aims of the collaborative are to build a sense of community among global health educators and clinical innovators across departments at MGH, to create a space where experts can learn from one another and share best practices, as well as to advance interdisciplinary education efforts in the pursuit of global health equity.

Please note that membership is based on self-identification and is currently open to MGH Faculty only. If you are a MGH Faculty Member and clinician, educator, or innovator who self-identifies as having global health teaching, education, or innovation as a major part of your role or work, you would be eligible to join. The collaborative will plan to meet quarterly.

If you are interested in being a member of the MGHGlobalEd Collaborative, please take a few minutes to complete the survey below.
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