Thank you for your interest in the Post-Treatment Peer Program! We will be hosting our next round of group in the late spring 2024.

This program is open to DFCI young adult patients aged 18 to early 40s who have completed treatment or are no longer on treatment. There will be six 75-minute Zoom sessions over six weeks. Each session will have 30 minutes of educational material and 45 minutes of discussion. Some examples of topics for the sessions will be:

  • Living With Long-Term Treatment Side Effects
  • Fear of Recurrence & Living With Uncertainty
  • Sexual Health, Dating, and Relationships
  • Returning to Work or School

Participants must be willing to commit to all 6 sessions. A brief introductory Zoom meeting with the clinician who facilitates the program before the start of the group is required.

Space is limited and is first-come, first-served. If you are interested in getting on the list, please complete the interest form below.

For questions, please contact the Young Adult Program at

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